Check out what participants and administrators have to say about our workshops & services! If you’d like to submit a testimonial, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at ChildressSports.com. Thank you!

What college coaches, administrators, and professors are saying: 

bknd“I’ve known Ira for a number of years and have worked with him many times during my coaching career.  Recently, I had Ira and his team present to my football program at Notre Dame on the positive impact social media can have on a student-athlete and the team.  I found the message was strong, effective and well received by the team.  I look forward to working with Ira again down the road.” Brian Kelly, University of Notre Dame Football, Head Coach. Hosted “Social Media & the Student-Athlete” workshop. 

“I have always been impressed by Ira’s determination to get to his destination.  When others have warned him against pursuing a risky venture, I have encouraged him and quietly applauded when the venture proved successful.  From internships he won, to starting his own television sports show, Ira’s successes at Ferris State University served as proof against the nay-sayers. Each turn in his career has reinforced my faith in his ability to make his dreams become reality.  The greatest thanks he has given me for that faith is his continuing contribution to my dream of a Sports Communication program at Ferris. Hands down, Ira’s and Andrea’s workshop at the beginning of the Sports Communication class this spring was the favorite of more than a dozen guest presentations as judged by the students.  I look forward to developing this new phase of our relationship as Ira guides my students to career success in the sports industry.” Dr. Sandra Alspach, Ferris State University, Professor of Communication and Sports Communication Program Coordinator. Hosted “Game Plan U: College Workshop” and “Launching Your Career in the Athletic Industry” keynote program.

What parents are saying about the Northern Michigan Prep Basketball Showcase:

“As a parent of a player, and spectator, I thought it was well organized and very well staffed by CSC and local TC West staff. Lots of ‘positives’ overall. Greg Kelser’s address to the kids was excellent.  A very positive message about the importance of grades was nice to hear, as well as the importance of teamwork, fun, etc.”

“Overall, the event was awesome! We especially enjoyed the talk by Greg Kelser.  The best part of the event (respect to the overall goal of the event) would be the scrimmages. Thanks for great event.”

“[My son] enjoyed the experience completely. This was his first one and he loved playing with everyone and loved the speaker you had there. It was very motivating for him and it was a huge confidence booster to be chosen as one of the 16 to play at the end. My husband’s highlight was the speaker that you brought in for the kids and parents.”
What parents are saying about the Northern Michigan Football Combine & Exposure Camp:

combine pic 1“It was definitely worth the drive.  We’ve taken our son to many camps over the years and your camp really was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our son to get some exposure.”

“This was [my sons’] first combine and their experience was great. They were impressed with the quality of players who participated. Please bring this event back to Traverse City. Great location and great facilities for this event. So glad to have participated in your combine.”
What Game Plan U Career Coaching clients are saying:
“Ira and Andrea have truly changed my approach to becoming a young professional in the sport industry. I started with them on a recommendation from a friend and it turned out to be much more than I expected. Their detailed approach to career development and networking has been extremely beneficial in launching my career. They made a determined effort to connect with me on a personal level and help me prepare myself for many of the obstacles I will face. They kept in constant communication with in a mentoring approach. Additionally, their many prominent connections throughout the industry can be seen as a great advantage. I greatly appreciated their confidence and knowledge and highly recommend their services to any rising professional.” –“Game Plan U” Career Coaching Client 
What high school athletic directors are saying about our Recruiting Education Workshop

“This was one of the most outstanding informational and hands on workshops I have ever been involved in when it comes to preparing young men and women for college athletics. My parents and students gave me a great big thank you for making this workshop available for them. I would strongly recommend this workshop to any athletic director. It is a must for every school.” –High School Athletic Director, hosted “PREP Game Plan: Community Workshop

“Childress Sports Consulting presents the “realities” of college sports and recruiting in an easy to comprehend way to both parents and student-athletes.  The experiences of both Ira and Andrea in college athletics provide a real life blueprint for all to follow, if they want to try to get to “next level” of athletics.  In this day and age of promises and internet misinformation on recruiting, it is refreshing to see the facts presented in an educational format that all can apply to their future successes in the classroom or on the court.  I highly recommend Childress Sports Consulting as a way to inform and educate your parents, coaches and student athletes on the realities of college sports and the recruiting process.” –High School Athletic Director, hosted “PREP Game Plan: Community Workshop

What college students are saying about our Career Development Workshops & Keynotes:

“There aren’t enough good words to say about how much I’ve appreciated and benefited from Childress Sports Consulting. I first heard them speak at Ferris this past winter, and I was immediately intrigued by what they were saying. Ira gave advice that I hadn’t heard before, and it really got me thinking about what I needed to do to pursue a career in the competitive sport industry. I walked away feeling that much more confident about how to go about landing a dream career! Afterwards, I made my way down to meet him and thank him for his help, he was so welcoming and engaging in conversation about my dream job! We have been in communication since and they are excellent about answering questions in a very timely fashion. They have seen jobs posted and sent me links to apply because they know what I’m looking for in a job. I value this relationship so much and I know that they will do whatever they can to help me further my career. I truly am blessed to know Ira and Andrea, and really value their opinions and advice! God Bless.” —College Student, attended “Launching Your Career in the Athletic Industry” keynote program

“I thought your presentation both in Dr. A’s class and at 7:30 was motivating and inspiring. It was so nice to be able to have the chance to sit down and talk with people who are in the industry, have experienced some pretty amazing things, and are completely passionate about what they do. After talking to Andrea, I feel much better about going into what I really want to do and impacting young athletes lives. Student Athlete Development is the direction I continue to seek and have learned so much in the last five hours that I wouldn’t have learned from anywhere else. Thank you for your time and commitment to students like me and I look forward to building a relationship with you both.” –College Student, attended “Game Plan U: College Workshop” and “Launching Your Career in the Athletic Industry” keynote program

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