Educating student-athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic administrators about the college student-athlete recruiting process is one of the core missions of Childress Sports Consulting. For student-athletes and their families, we provide the necessary information to help them make the absolute best decisions with regards to becoming a successful collegiate student-athlete. For coaches and athletic administrators at the prep level, we provide training and education to help them become a resource to support the dreams of their student-athletes.

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Click here to access our recruiting resources page – a collection of important links from the NCAA!

What is covered during the Student-Athlete Recruiting Education workshop? We’re glad you asked…

Our Philosophy

  • “Understanding the recruiting process and reality of collegiate athletics helps student-athletes & their parents/guardians foster collegiate success athletically, academically, and personally. Our focus is to develop successful students who are also successful athletes.”
The First Steps: Becoming a Prospective Collegiate Student-Athlete
  • Mutual commitment from student-athletes and parents
  • Understanding The Spirit of Competition
  • Developing Your Skill-Set
  • Exposure, Visibility & Opportunities

Overview of the Student-Athlete Recruiting Process

  • Initiating Contact Between Student-Athletes and Universities
  • The College Visit & All of the Questions YOU Should Ask
  • The College Scholarship
  • The Big Decision

Understanding the Student-Athlete Experience

  • Academic Experience: NCAA Eligibility; Academic Support Services; Maximizing Your College Experience
  • Athletic Experience: Envisioning Your Student-Athlete Experience; Team, School & Athletic Department Culture; Playing Time
  • Social Experience: The Community; Life As a Student-Athlete; Student-Athlete Wellness

Important Financial Considerations

  • Scholarships, Financial Aid & Paying For College
  • Total Cost of Attendance
  • The “hidden” costs of college

Event Logistics:

  • 90-minute workshop for parent/guardians & students-athletes in grades 7-12.
  • Student-athletes do not have to be actively recruited at the time of the workshop.
  • Events are usually hosted by one school/organization, and then made open to the surrounding community.
  • Workshops are typically organized by a school’s Athletic Director or Principal, but coaches or parents may either suggest the workshop to their administration or contact directly.
  • Coaches, teachers, or guidance counselors may also want to attend in order to understand how to best support prospective collegiate student-athletes.

For more information or to bring our Student-Athlete Recruiting Education workshop to your community, contact us today!

Call us: 248-224-4463 or Email us:

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